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That’s like asking how much does a car cost. It all depends on what the car needs to do for you? Choose an option below and we’ll make sure you pick the right “car” based on your needs.

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Great Website = More Customers

Just having a website isn’t enough! Your website is an extension of your business! It is a powerful tool that not only acts a portfolio but also converts visitors into paying customers!

We believe in beautifully designed websites that produce results. Our Ninjas specialize in creating stunning websites with great web design and technical SEO practices. Website design and development go hand in hand. When you invest in a website revamp or enhanced user experience, you create a product that pays dividends for years.

The way of the Ninja

Your company needs a website that drives leads and sets you apart from your competition.
Our refined process is designed to reach your company goals and get you the results you want.

1. Strategy & Structure

First, our ninjas will perform an overall website audit including your current keyword strategy and technical SEO. From here, we collaborate with you and provide suggestions for improvement and together, we will build a winning strategy.

2. Design & Content

Next, our ninjas design a wireframe of your website so it’s easier for you to visualize how your dream website will look like. We help you refine your content so that it is powerful and clear.

3. Website Development

Once we’ve finalized your wireframe and content, we will move into the creation and implementation of the design and copy on your pages. Our process is very interactive and transparent – you will be involved every step of the way.

4. Testing & Quality Assurance

In this phase, we collaborate with you on the testing of your website, making sure it’s functioning properly.

5. Launch & Optimize

Finally, we will launch the finished product, however our services don’t stop there. Great websites requires constant optimization. We continuously monitor the success and improve the site based on gathered analytics.

6. On-Going Maintance

We make sure everything is running smoothly by doing regular updates on your website, checking security issues and doing website backups.

Kind Words

What our lovely customers say about us

“After revamping my website with the skillful team from MyOnlineNinjas, my business made it’s annual target within the first 4 months. Best decisions I made last year.”

Justin-Dean van Wyk

Owner, Phadima Contract Cleaning

“A very smooth process from start to finish.  I can’t thank you enough for my well planned and beautiful designed website. I managed to close my first international contract because of it.”

Stevo Kuhn

Founder, Urban Brew Coffee

“We have doubled our business after having our website built by the MyOnlineNinjas. I wish we did this sooner, instead of delaying the process.”

Gerrit Klopper

Partner, SA Trust Consulting

“Thank you for my beautiful website! I receive a lot of compliments. Thank you for helping me decide on what content is important.”

Dylan Britz

Owner, Lighticle

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